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CANNA Coco Brick 40L (2x 20L)

CANNA Coco Brick 40L (2x 20L)

Canna Coco

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Discover the CANNA Coco Brick 40L (2x 20L)

Looking for the hole difference? The CANNA COCO high quality in a brick.

- Expands extremely fast due to a special hole that was invented and developed by CANNA.

- RHP certified for professional horticultural use.

- A fracture line makes it easy to break a brick into 2 equal parts.

- Re-usable.

- Washed and buffered.

- Easy storage and transportation.

- Multi functional packaging to use as a soaking bag for the brick. It has grip handles to easily carry the prepared product.

The CANNA COCO BRICK unit contains 2 bricks individually packaged. Each brick makes 20 Liters of CANNA COCO when expanded. A total of 40 Liters can be made with 1 unit.


Open the bag
Tip: the fracture line makes it easy to break the brick if you wish to make 10 liters of coco instead of 20 liters

Add clean water (also pour through the holes) in steps of 0.5 to 1 liter until the coco is totally expanded
Tip: use lukewarm to warm water to increase the speed of expansion

If needed, loosen the coco a bit with your hands into a uniform product.

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